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Event Speaker Agreements

Event Speaker Agreements - An event at which a speaker discusses a prearranged topic or series of topics to an audience, usually on campus (for workshops or seminars, requiring professional skill or judgment, a PSC - Personal Service Contract may be required).

If your agreement is for an artist/entertainer, please click here for further information.

Forms Needed:

1. EKU Event Speaker Agreement Form (see below) OR contract provided by event speaker; and

2. Tax ID Form.

Review and Approval Process:

If an EKU Event Speaker Agreement is Used:

1. The University Employee (Project Coordinator) responsible for coordinating the event at which an event speaker is proposed to participate should complete an EKU Event Speaker Agreement Form.

2. The Project Coordinator should request that the event speaker sign the standard EKU Event Speaker Agreement.

3. If the form is signed as is, University Counsel does not need to review the form and it can be processed for payment.

4. Once all signatures have been obtained, keep an original for your records in accordance with EKU's Record Retention Schedule.


If a NON-EKU Event Speaker Agreement is Used:

If your event speaker wants to use his or her own contract, please DO NOT submit the Event Speaker Agreement Form. Submit the NON-EKU event speaker's contract to University Counsel instead ( Let your event speaker know that the standard EKU Event Speaker Addendum (see below) must be executed along with their NON-EKU event speaker contract.

                 a.  Once the NON-EKU event speaker contract is reviewed, University Counsel will either return to the Project Coordinator an approved NON-EKU event speaker contract and ca opy of the EKU Event Speaker Addendum (any changes to the contract will be included in the version sent back to the Project Coordinator).

                b.  Once the contracts/agreements are received from University Counsel, the Project Coordinator will request that the event speaker sign both their NON-EKU event speaker contract and the EKU Event Speaker Addendum (initialing each change made directly on the contract).

                 c.  Once the event speaker signs the documents, the Project Coordinator will have the appropriate EKU employee sign for EKU.

                 d.  Once the documents are fully executed, the Project Coordinator will send a copy to the event speaker for their records.

                 e.  Keep an original for your records in accordance with EKU's Record Retention Schedule and send a copy to University Counsel for their record-keeping.

EKU Event Speaker Agreement159.48 KB
EKU Event Speaker Addendum - for use with NON-EKU contract13.05 KB
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